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Oct 25, 2012


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I've never stopped and checked out the Eagle Bluff trail either. I'll have to do that some time.

What about Berryman this weekend? Is anyone going? Are we going to carpool?

Stoney-I'm riding down with Turbo and staying at Corey's Friday night.

Epically awesome. Wish I could have been there.

I'll be at BT Epic. See y'all there!

Peat, do you do much gravel or riding during the week? Seeing as i'm in Washington, if you do some riding after work i could probably drive in to St. louis to put in some miles. I can get off as early as 3 here if i go in early.


So I take it Peat aint on Facebook either? I thought I was the only one.

Sorry, but I'm not on facebook. Actually, I'm not sorry.

Turbo, I rarely get to ride during the week except for my commute to work. I can sometimes get off work early though so if you have a specific day that you want to ride, I might be able to get out. We'll be out of daylight in the evenings after Saturday. We could do some night riding on trails or gravel out at Lost Valley/Busch Wildlife area which isn't too far from Washington. I'd be up for that sometime.

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