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Aug 09, 2012


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I'm in. Anyone interested in carpooling?

I'm sure people will be interested in car pooling... We will be meeting in the Taos commuter lot at 7 a.m. on Sunday to head to middleforck. That will put us ready to roll on the trail at middleforck hopefully around 10 a.m. Anybody interested in going or catching a ride should meet at that lot. Everybody else be at middleforck a little before 10. I am expecting to see Tony, Bopp, Paul, and probably Stoney. I only have room for 1 but we will figure the rest out. If more are coming please find a way to let me know. If you have to find me on facebook... bryce hylton

I'm in. But are we meeting at Middlefork at 9 or 10 am? Sorry, I'm old and confused.

Peat, I believe it is at 10am. We're all re-arranging our schedules around Turbo.

You can thank me later for the extra hour of sleep

I'm in boys! See you all there!

Fun ride yesterday boys!

Yeah, that was a great ride. Too bad so many people were too hungover or just plain wimped out. So when's the next group ride?

Had a great time guys! Peat! You have me wanting to do an out and back now. I'm bringing my bick camelback next time!

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