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May 26, 2012


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I think this one was Nick's best DK pose. I'm just hoping I don't pose for any more pics looking like this...

Thanks for the memories.

I'm scared!!!

Sorry Bob, you lost your 20 bucks around mile 180. 3 single-speeders from Colorado pace-lined past me there and one of them took the last podium spot. There's always next year, I guess.

Every Team Red Wheeler finished. That's pretty frickin' stellar huh?

Yeah, it was pretty awesome that everyone finished. I was worried about my $20 when I saw Peat henry right before the race started.

I have no doubt that the fantastic weather had a lot to do with my success, but 200 miles is 200 miles no matter what the weather looks like.

I'll never forget the exhilharation I felt crossing the finish line while everyone was cheering and spraying us with beer, and then the cameraderie I felt as we all celebrated one another's victories together, as a team. Moments like those are hard to beat.

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