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May 02, 2012


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Matt, did you pre-ride the whole course? How did it go? How long did it take you? Will I die?

Epicnicity shall abound.

I should be getting the sponsorship package from Backcountry Research today. I'm super excited

bob you still need me at that station. have not heard from you. i would be glad to do so and sipping on some colt 45. sir chadwick of boston

Dragon-I pretty much pre-rode the entire course from my house. I skipped some of the singletrack portions (I don't know all the singletrack portions Bob has planned). When I got to Ham's Prarie I rode C all the way back into Mokane instead of taking the gravel to the reactor. I still got 109 miles in. My ride time was around 7 1/2hrs...it will be longer on Sunday. Just remember, Luke, when it comes to endurance, you'll pass out before you die.

What's Cedar Cross? Is it some sort of race?

Chad, I definitely still need you. I was hoping you'd run the truck with all of the drop-bags. I'll get your # from Nick and get you some details ASAP

Jenkins-are you going to mark the single track sections? or will just be by the cue sheet?

I'm going to flag it. Keep a close eye on the cue sheet though, you never know when some asshole might move the markers or something.

Yeah! Its not COOL!

give me some time boys...i'm going to write a blog post on this one. i just need to be home for more than an hour sometime this week. hope to have one up by friday.

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