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Apr 02, 2012


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Nice Stony! How many miles did you end up getting in?

I wound up with 127 miles and only got lost once. That may be a new record.

Holy crap! 127 miles? Nice work, dude. Great pics, too.

It looks like "the other Cedar Creek gravel race" is a no-go. Or as at least been postponed as not to spoil The Cedar Cross. Good decision.

In it's place, Jeff Yielding is doing his own version of Death By Hills on April 7. Check out the elevation profile.

Nice work, Stoney! I'm planning on my first century of the year Sat. April 14th. I haven't picked the route yet, but put it on your calendar people. One month away from Cedar Cross!

Nice fucking work, Stoney. Damn, all of these rides look killer. I'd try to get to Hermann this saturday, but work calls. Ceder Cross is gonna be amazing though.

Stoney, do you have this route mapped anywhere? I'd like to try it sometime or maybe a version of it. I need to get a "time in the saddle" ride with minimal hills.

Here's the route - minus the wrong turns. http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/81264023

Thanks, Stoney! I appreciate it, man.

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