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Apr 14, 2012


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Where's the cumberbund?

No wonder he is so fast! I would run from my past also!

I knew the picture would surface one day. I guess it's time to relocate again.

Gravel ride tomorrow from Governor's mansion at 5:45pm. Recovery drinks at Gumbo's afterwards.

....if gumbos is open. Last time we tried to go there they closed up at 8:45. What do ya say we start at pattys?

I talked to Becky tonight and she said she would buy the first pitcher tomorrow, but it's up to you.

i am starting at pattys at 545 see you homos then

You guys start at gumbos, chad and I will be waiting at pattys

It looks like The Cedar Cross's sister event, the Cap City Adventure race, was cancelled. Does that mean the after party featuring the Dirt Leg Benders is also cancelled?

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