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Mar 01, 2012


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Great ride last night, although I'm a little surprised we only got 3 riders with the great weather. We had 8 riders last month in 35 degree weather when we started at 8:15. How about we try that time next week?

I can probably make it to the 8:15 ride next week, although I might be a minute or two late since I get off work at 8:00. That's the reason I couldn't make it last night. Let me know the deets for next week, and I'll post it on the TV blog as well.

any of you down for a sunday ride?

I can go if its after 530pm or starts at 5am.

what time are you wanting to ride? i'll have to be back in rolla at some point.

turbo around noon????

yeah coach. noon would work. just send me a text tomorrow morning. I'll ride whatever from wherever.

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