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Mar 17, 2012


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Matt, Robby, Turbo and I did the Boone Doggle the opposite way - riding towards Tebbetts on the gravel first. Coming back it only leaves 6-7 miles of Katy Trail. Usually on the Boone Doggle we stay on the Katy after Tebbetts because everybody is tired and just wants to get done. I liked it better. What do you guys think?

Wouldn't that be the Doggle-Boone? I've been meaning to try it that way, but I've only ridden the whole thing once. We took the gravel back from Tebbetts, but it was terrible with the wind. Sounds like it might be better backwards.

Riding the gravel back from Tebbetts to JC is a nightmare at the end of a long ride.

Only a true asshole would make anyone ride those roads as the last part of a 100+ mile monstercross race course..

Love the elggod enoob. It was definitely refreshing...but beware Zumwalt Rd's INSAME LEG RIPPING CLIMB!!!!!

Speaking of riding, i am on spring break next week. If anyone wants to go hit some gravel or shred some trail, let me know. I'll probably work at the shop a day or two, but i'm looking to get some good riding in.

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