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Feb 05, 2012


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I have the continental travel-contact because Nick said they are the best. I have only had 1 flat so far on them.

Bob, I've used the Schwalbe Marathon Cross tires for most of my gravel rides and I used them for Dirty Kanza last year. I think they're a great gravel tire. This is not the extreme version. It's a 38c tire and retails for about $35. They're beefy enough but roll well.

I'm rolling the SpeedMaxes. Price was right. Bob gave me one and found one in Nick scrap pile... Haven't had a flat yet. Just jinxed myself but I like them the best for gravel out of anyting I have tried thus far.

I don't really know if there is a magic tire out there. Everyone likes something different. I bought some WTB allterrainasaurus 700x32 trained and rode them at DK, granted it was only the first half, but still running them and the only flat was at DK on the low maintenance road.

I like the Specialized Borough XC Pro's. 700x45, 425 g. I've only had 2 flats with them the last 2 years. Unfortunately they were both at DK. I might look for a different rear tire, but I will stay with this tire on the front.

Generally, wider tires ran at lower pressure absorb more of the road vibration. You might not be able tell a big difference in comfort between a 45mm tire and a 32mm tire for the first 10 miles, but after 100 miles, you will.

No matter what tire you choose go with wider tires for comfort and put on fresh tires before the race.

I'm a big fan of the continental travel contacts. good price, great tire. no flats at kanza last year. they have great traction on gravel and scoot pretty fast on the pavement too. love 'em. i plan on using them again this year.

I uesed the Specialized Borough XC's also at one Dirty Kanza. I used the "sport" version (I'm not Pro, like Stoney). I've also used the Hutchinson Pirrahna - avoid this tire at all costs, it sucks. Also used WTB mutanoraptors, IRC mythos CX. These are the one's I've used at Dirty Kanza over the years I think the Schwalbe Marathon Cross and Borough XC's are the best.

Really, the question is which tire is best when you're carrying a 100 lb, mud caked bike through the middle of nowhere when it's a 100 'effing degrees and you're dodging tornados.

Stoney, what kind of air pressure are you running in those Buroughs?

55psi. I weight 165 for reference.

Have you guys seen this...

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