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Feb 13, 2012


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I'm curious about the wrap job on the bar tape and cables. Is that something you engineerin stewdents do to lower your drag coefficient? How much does it really help?

I would be up for some weekend rides or any group rides for that matter. My fitness level is about a month behind where it was last year at this time.

That was there from packaging and i just didn't take it off. I might take it off and put some black electrical tape there so the cables don't rip the bar tape. I didn't really look to see if there is other tape there to keep the bar tape from unraveling.

I've been wanting to check out some gravel roads east of town. Is there a good starting point in St. Martins or Centertown? For some reason I want to try a ride around California(the town). Another stupid idea I have is to ride to Boonville on gravel and head back on the Katy trail.

Does anybody want to do a 60ish mile ride on saturday? i really don't care where to. i just want to get out on some gravel for a good ride.

I'm doing an 80 mile ride on Saturday...unfortunately it's to Columbia for work at Mizzou all day. I'm off Friday and Monday though. If anyone's off those days, let's get down to it!

I'm off Friday. What time are you riding and how far? And don't say 6am and over 50 miles.

What about tonight? TNT ride?

Stoney, wouldn't that be west of town?

I'm off work right now, so i'm ready to go whenever. It's been a long time since I've gotten to ride in the daylight, so I'm kinda excited.

I'm leaving from the Mo River bridge at 4 o'clock.

I just walked outside and changed my mind. This weather is awesome, I'm riding now. I'm sure you guys would do the same for me

Stoney-i'll probably ride around 9-10 on friday. what time you want to ride...yes, i'm looking at around 50miles though. Anyone want to ride tonight???? Around 6:30pm?

I hate all you MOFO's who are off work and riding during the day.

Yes, Bob.

Matt and I are riding from the MO river access parking lot at 9:30am tomorrow. We were planning on doing the Boone Doggle, but unless the Katy magically dries up overnight I may try to talk him into something else.

Any rides going on this weekend? Matt and I are planning to ride late Saturday afternoon, although he may only have a small window of opportunity. I'm hoping to get a long(ish) ride of 50-60 in on Sunday.

Death by Hills on Sunday for me, if my gimpy knee holds up.

Thursday Night Throwdown is on. 6:30pm from the Katy trail paved parking lot. Riding the river bottoms to Tebbetts. Around 32 miles.

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