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Jan 30, 2012


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I love gravel so much I'm riding Wednesday night. Who's in!?!?!!? I plan on departing around 6pm at the river access.

What's your route? I've got about a 50/50 chance at being able to go.

You don't need to hang back for me, just let me know the route ahead of time.

I'm in for Wed. night. What about the TNT ride? Is it going to be the same route/distance?

It would be nice if we could keep these rides going all the way til the Cedar Cross and DK, just slowly building up the miles.

I plan on doing half the Boone Doggle. From my house that will probably put me a little over 40, but from the River access it will probably put you right at 30 miles.

Wish i could make it back in time for the ride. Keep posting the rides you are planning though cause i'll probably be able to make some. It's turning into a great training year so far.

Hey, you fuckers need to drink some beers with me and the Dirt leg benders Thursday night at the mission.

I'll be there tonight!

what's tonight? i'm coming back to town

6pm river access. be there.

You missed a good ride, Turbo. Mild temps, light wind, great roads with little traffic, a standoff with a skunk, and Matt and Corey trying to rip my legs off.

On second thought it's probably a good thing you weren't there to drive up the pace even more.

Stoney...you missed the second skunk Corey and I saw by Turkey Creek. Smelly pricks. Awesome ride!!!!!!!!!

Damn, I always miss the cool stuff.

I don't know if any of you were planning to go to Chucky's Challenge on Saturday, but it's postponed until next weekend. The weather is going to be crap and they would have to skip a lot of cool B roads and doubletrack so they rescheduled.

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