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Dec 18, 2011


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Looks like a blast! How many miles?

I found it after a 2nd look at the web site, which looks better than last nights version. 100 miles baby!

HELL FREAKIN' YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 25th. Maybe Jess will let me out of the house by then.

Bob, you need to get a date on your web site, may be a good idea

Thanks for the heads-up, Jeff. Thanks to a scheduling conflict, I'm having to reschedule the race for May 6th.

You really lit a fire under this race, Jeff. I can't believe the traffic the race-site is getting.

Was this rescheduled because of the adventure camp? Seriously, you guys can make necklaces from dry macaroni and braid each others hair anytime.

May 6 will probably work better anyway. There will be a better chance the trails will be dry and it gives everyone a chance to prepare better. Are you still planning on it being 100 miles?

Can't wait for this. Riding part of the route a couple of weeks ago was awesome, definitely going to make it back for this.

Also, anyone want to ride Thursday? I'm home for a couple of days and want to ride- gravel, mtb, road whatever is fine with me.

Stoney..... are you going to the the web master for the State CX next year?
If so I want to give you design access to the blog, email me at yielding@gosculpture.com

No, I rescheduled it because it interfered with the 24 hour LBL adventure race. I've also talked to a few property owners out there and they all agree that the spring is usually pretty wet out there. I'd rather not have to cut the course short because the trails are wet.

That, and the race website has gotten a shit-ton more traffic than I ever dreamed. If I'm buying barbecue and beer for all these people, I need more time to save money. I've hyped this thing up quite a bit and I want to make good on my promises.

I'll chip in some money for the food and beer. Let us know when you're planning on doing trail work.

So what about the length? Are you still planning on 100 miles?

I definitely appreciate all the help I can get. I nearly shat myself when I saw how many people want to do this thing.

I'm gonna do everything I can to make it 100 miles, and I also plan on having a more condensed version for those who don't want to do the full 100.

And just so there's no confusion: I'm not creating any new trails, only cleaning off pre-existing ones.

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