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Dec 05, 2011


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Sounds good. Looks like I'll be riding my Kona since every other bike I own is broke to shit.



You fuckin jerks coming to CXmas or what? The thought of watching Nick pour all that milky-white... nog down his throat gets my t'aint a tinglin'.

You know, Bob an I havent missed a CXmas yet! We were there the first year when it was so cold everyting frose except for our bottle of Makers Mark. We were there the 2nd year when Bob drank 15 cups of egg nog and threw up. We were there the 3nd year when Adam drank 16 cups and threw up. It brings a tear to my eye thinking I might miss this year.

I hate to say it, but I can't go. It sucks because this is one of my favorite rides every year. I'm gonna wear that shitty brown sweater to work though, just so I can be there in spirit

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