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Nov 23, 2011


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I'm so excited, I just peed myself a little bit! I love gravel and I love women!!!

Holy crap, you can actually see the trail. It's not covered in leaves. Did Bob leaf-blow it? Sorry I missed this, but I had a really bad case of the sniffles. I may need to go to the doctor and get tested for AMS.

That sign says "No Trespassing", but it doesn't say he's going to shoot you for that. It says if you shoot a gun at his house, he will shoot back. I know plenty of guys that would do the same, they just don't advertise it.

Are there maps/cue sheets on-line? I want to do the whole thing, but preferably not on the same weekend as this.

Crazy day fellas...
When is this CX race you speak of.

last time i went through rutherford cave we packed our bikes through couple feet of snow. now that was epic. why does this shit always happen to Jenkins?

Barry, every time I ride on Rutherford I'm thankful I'm not hiking through a foot and a half of snow.

Jeff-that's a question for Jenkin's.

I guess I'm just lucky, Barry. Look at all the new parts I get to buy!

Stoney, I've got the route laid out on mapmyride.com. I'll leave a paper copy at the shop.

And yes, I blew the leaves off the trail on that piece of singletrack right before the Burnett school bridge. I also moved about 90% of those loose boulders off the trail and put in some water-drains. It rides pretty good now, but still needs to be rerouted.

Jeff, I'm hoping to have this race ready to go by april-may. The trail system is completely neglected, so there's a lot of work to be done. I'm still tying together the gravel and the singletrack with as little pavement as possible.

I guarantee good times when this race/ride happens. The Cedar Cross will be an event you don't want to miss.

Man that sounds like an awesome day, makes me sad that I was working instead. Bob I need to venture up, I would love to ride some of this with you. I am definetly in for the Cedar Cross, as long as I know far enough ahead of time, so I can request it off.

Bob, look forward to it, you know I'll be there if I can and you don't do it the same weekend as the tour of hermann, April 21-22

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