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Nov 17, 2011


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Oh hell, I posted right on top of this.. sorry man.

I'll be there if I can shoot a deer tomorrow.

No problem, Bob. I might be able to make your Cranksgiving ride.

What about Mt. Pleasant on Sunday. We've done that race the last couple of years. Anyone going to that?

I'm in on COMO...no go on Mt. Pleasant. Jenkin's-when is the Cranksgiving ride?????

Not in on COMO. Cranksgiving is....what when?

I cant get into typepad to put up the Cranksgiving ride post.

Gonna be about 55-70 miles of gravel/singletrack/National forest. Wish I could be more specific, but I havent pre-ridden all of it so I dont really know.

I can promise good gravel, singletrack you've probably never seen, and a few ciff-top views.

I plan on leraving from the Dos Primos parking lot in Holts Summit at 8am on Wednesday. Come one, come all. It WILL be epic

i'm so fired up for this ride! i'm in. see you there!

Wednesday morning??????? No can do.

Somebody GPS the route so I can do it later.

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