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Oct 18, 2011


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While Cory decided to walk down the Brazil Creek hill I thought I would show them how it is done, but first the disclaimer. "Team Red Wheel did not orchestrate this and no animals were harmed during the non-filming of this event."

CAUTION: Professional rider on a closed course. Kids don't try this at home!

And now for the truth, it was a hand stand off the bars that consisted of a full flip with a half twist while in the pike position and a perfect dismount. Where is the video camera when you need it!

So...I just heard that there is going to be a dirt crit there Friday night! Don't know if I'll get down there in time, but it will be fun to yell and heckle people. Who's camping both nights???? Hell, who's going?

I'll be there Matt. I've been looking forward to BT Epic for months. This is gonna be awesome. I won't be staying overnight, though.

What the hell's with all the sidewall cuts? You guys runnin' S-works tires?

Mitch was runnin' S-Works. I was running Continental Race Kings. Bummer the back tire tore. I was really liking them, but I need that durability. Tires ain't cheap.

Looks like a good time, wish I could've been there. I may have even been able to keep up since you guys had so many flats and stuff.

FWIW, I've been running the same Mountain King front tire for about 2 years now, no sidewall tears but it does seem a bit allergic to thorns.

I'm Rollin the tioga physco genisus tires and are diggin them. They are a bit heavier than your typical race tires but roll suprisingly well. I know of a LBS that has them in stock. Wink wink. The ride was awsome! Can't wait for Saturday. I will be driving down that morning.

My tires: Maxxis Ikon EXO on the back and Specialized Captain Control 2.2 on the front. Both have been proven on the Berryman. And I just jinxed myself.

I will be going down Friday night, but plan on getting a hotel in Cuba. Is anyone interested in splitting a room?

The weather should be freaking awesome. I am bringing both my long sleeve and short sleeve jersey. It is suppose to be 34 in the morning and warming up to 68 in the afternoon.

I'm heading down Friday night, but I'm camping. This is the best time of the year to camp, and Bass River is a sweet place to stay. Not too sure if we're staying Sat. night after the race though.

I guess i should get a camp ground. i didn't even think about that. Anyone have room for an extra tent? if not, anybody else want to split the cost of a campground?

I'm planning on registering the morning of the race. I'm also running the Captain Control 2.2 in front, but have an S-works Fast Trak on the back. Peat, do you think I should put a spare tire in my drop bag?

No reason not to have a spare tire in the drop bag or just carry a tire boot. Maybe an extra derailleur hanger, derailleur, chain, chainring bolts and seatpost. I'm going to bring a spare set of lungs and some synthetic tendons in case I blow out my knees.

The weather looks to be awesome! Hell of a lot better than racing at Queeny last Sunday when it was a bazillion degrees.

So who's gonna step up and whoop up on Fuhrmann in Berry's place?

looks like the trail took care of fuhrmann. Saw him at the main checkpoint sporting a broken thumb.

I wanted to say sorry to Peat(i think). I got pushed left on the BTE start and wrapped up with one of the Red Wheel team members. Hope the rest of the race went well and that this didn't jack your start. Good work out there guys.
Justin Bay

You did awesome at BTEpic and you won a freaking prize in the drawing too!
No worries on the start - it was just Peat. ;)
I watched and laughed but luckily no one went down - that would have been a huge domino effect at the start.

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