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Sep 05, 2011


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You were keeping a close eye on the competition at Fermin's shop? How many other wicked-fast college students does he have working there?

I like how you matched your sunglasses to the color of your pretty pink bike. Accessorizing your outfit is one of the most overlooked aspects to becoming a stronger cyclist.

He actually has two guys working there that raced the single speed champs... They will be a bigger threat in cyclocross cause they are more on the roadie side i believe.
And thanks Stoney, i'm glad you get it. Nobody seems to appreciate the time and effort i put into my cycling attire anymore.

Looks like fun, next time you guys go out there you should put some fatter tires on and ride it Monstercross style. Singletrack on your cross bike is a really good time.

Looks like your grandma let you guys wear some of her sunglasses. That's nice.

Hey if anyone is off work this wednesday I'm gonna do a scouting ride out at Cedar Creek. Should be a pretty kickass ride.

I'm finally situated here in San Diego enough that I can get onto the internet. Got no excuse other than I've just been busy gettin here and moving in. I won't go into a bunch of detail, I'll save that for the FB page, but my new email is [email protected]. please email me so that I will have some email addresses. I wasn't smart enough to save my addresses from mediacom acct, so now I gotta go out and get them.

Ran across my first rattler while I was running the other nite. They've also reported a great white in Point Loma where I'll be diving. So anyone of these posts could be my last. I'm just minutes away from mtb and gravel roads. However. at least around here they've never heard of IMBA when setting up trails. They just go straight up and they are tough. I've been mostly riding my cross bike up there because the inclines are a killer on a SS.

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