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Sep 18, 2011


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Bob, we need more information. What weekend are you planning on doing this? And will this be a race, non-race, or just a fun ride.

Oh, and thanks for posting the link to the definition of "collaborating". Who knew the internet could be used for educational purposes?

sounds like it would be pretty awesome.

on a different note, i like the team red wheel home picture. Someone needs to tell randazzle he has a mouse on his head though.

That's actually a mousedazzle. The ride should be on the weekend of Nov. 19th.

I think this'll just be a ride, but if you guys want to put it together as a non-race I'm down for that.

Well shit, I guess that's what I get for doing a screen capture on copy-righted pictures. I removed it now so Raddazzulous won't get upset.

Hey, is Randazzle in charge of the next jersey order?

If I'm gonna do some cross races I need a TRW jersey that I can actually stuff my fat ass into.

Cool Jerk. I want in. Building a similar Monster Cross event. Since you have snagged my November slot, guess I will move it to the Spring.

Or I can move mine to the Spring..doesn't matter to me. I just want to have a monstercross event. Last time we talked, it sounded like yours was gonna be pretty badass.

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