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Sep 21, 2011


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By the way...my wife took over 2,000 pics. Here's the link to all of them:



Sweet report, thanks for all the support....TRW rocks in my book

Damn, it sucks I couldn't make it.

I'm still in mtn bike mode. I'd like to do Burnin' at the Bluff and the Berryman Epic next month. Who else is going? After that, we need to pick out a few cross races to field a full team for.

Stoney, how the hell do you post a new blog?

That's right,it is time for your annual camp-out at Council Bluff.
To create a new post you have to login to typepad.com. I put a link in the "Other Sites" section on the left side of the page. Once you're there you should be able to figure the rest of it out, even Old Man Vollmer figured it out eventually.

That link took me to a 14 day free trial (is that right) that I had already signed up for in the past. When I tried it the other night it would not let me post, the buttons did not work. This time it let me post but only put in the title and not the body of the message. Since you are an admin see if you can add the post that I put in as a comment to the body of the message so it is not just a title. I am not sure what is going on.

There was text in the body of the post, it just couldn't be seen because the text color was black and the background is black. I changed the text color and it shows up now.

Ok thanks, can you get rid of my comment so that it does not repeat itself.

That course and those conditions demand some high end carbon tubular wheels. Nick needs to hook us up with a team order on some ultra light deep section tubular Roval carbon wheels. Who's with me? They'd look bad-ass on our singlespeeds and that's what counts most.

Peat, please sit down. I've got some bad news.

Are you ready? Here goes...

You and I are the only Red Wheeler's left still racing on single-speed cross bikes. Everyone else has gone gear-queer. I know, I don't understand it either. Hopefully, it's just a phase they're going through.

Hang on now Stoney, you better look at those pics a little closer. Aint no Der hainging off my bike. Now that I think about it, I dident see you or peat at that race. Guess I'M the only red wheeler racing SS cross. (except for turbo, but he's a freak and doesent count)
Hey how's that new geard MTB treat'n ya?

Peat and I weren't there because we know that Cross season doesn't begin until after Mtn Bike season ends, although it is okay to go to cross practices which start October 6.

I'm loving the full suspension. I don't actually use the gears though, they're just there for decoration.

I wish i were able to be in town to race binder cross. Sounds like a good time. And Stoney, i don't own a geared cross bike. I can understand your confusion though, next time i will slow down so you can actually get a good look at the bike i'm riding. But seriously, can't wait to get to some more races with you guys.

Oh my apologies, I must have been confused by this pic. Are you and Corey sharing that pretty pink bike? That is so cute.

Maybe these will clear it up for you.

If my calendar allows I hope to attend the CX races in Queeny Park October 15 and 16 and Faust Park October 29 and 30. Enjoyed Hermann a lot. Just wish I was faster.


What about the Thursday night cross practice races, Randazzulous? You can even bring Corey, Adam and Dana.

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