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Sep 29, 2011


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Dirty Jenkins ride tonight rolling out from Dos Primos around 830-840. Be there or be square.

Dos Primos...watch out for the Dirty Sanchez!

so...who's in for this thursday night????

I'm at work til 7, but with any luck I should be there early enough to spray beer on people.

Next week I'm in fer sho.

i'll be looking forward to a refreshing ale drenching. hope to see people out there.

Here's a recap of the cross race and part of Burnin at the Bluff...

There was a small, but competitive group of 8 racers who showed up. The course was essentially a non-technical, bumpy drag race. Corey took the victory about 10 seconds ahead of The Mitch who pulled away from Matt Stacey late in the race.

There was one other single-speeder who showed up. He was a young guy from Columbia named Jake, but I acted like he was an old guy named Berry and sat on his wheel for the first part of the race before pulling ahead. I pulled within a couple seconds of Matt with half a lap remaining but once he saw me coming he switched gears and pulled away.

Roger was feeling the effects of riding 3 1/2 hours of gravel before the race and came in 6th. Mike Sutherland rode his commuter bike with platform pedals into 7th place. A local National guardsman came in 8th.

Sunday brought the annual Burnin at the Bluff at Council Bluff Lake. Corey and Turbo teamed up with Dan Dougan to take on the "Fast" class(not to be confused with the "Wicked Fast" class).
The first laps, Turbo was the lead-off rider and toured the lake in 1:08, Corey was second and came around in 1:10, Dan rode a very respectable 1:20.

I had to be back in Jeff City that night so rode the 6hr race. I was in 8th out of 31 heading into the last lap, but had problems with a flat tire and lack of fitness so finished in 12th. When I left, we were guessing they had about a 15 minute lead on 2nd place and were debating whether Turbo would have to go out for lap 10.

So was CB in pretty good condition, then? Last time I was out there, ( a while back), it was pretty washed out. Those laptimes are pretty damn impressive, in my opinion.

The cross race must've been over quick, by the time I got there with the beer almost everyone was gone.

Adam Laffoon and I rode a 55 mile gravel loop yesterday. If you guys arent already doing it, now is the perfect time to be riding backroads.

It was in great condition - dry and loose, but really fast. All but 2 of the creek crossings were dry, so unlike my last two trips there(Rim Wrecker '09 and '10) I won't have to replace my brake pads or bottom bracket.

There was only 1 race last Thursday due to the low numbers. Hopefully more people show up and it rains tomorrow or Wednesday so the ground is dry enough to pound some stakes into the ground for this weeks CX race. You're gonna be there, right?

You know it. Hopefully I will have lost enough weight that I can stuff my fat ass into my TRW kit and win the race....through turn 1.

1. When is the race report going to be posted?
2. Why are you sleeping in the middle of the race?
3. Are you coming to the Thursday night practice race or what?

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