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Aug 29, 2011


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If anyone wants to find pics from the race, you can always go to the Team Red Wheel Facebook page. I think my wife posted them in there. Stoney, did she send you a link to them?

Another great job gang, love this race!
See you in Hermann

Nice write-up, Matt. No, I haven't got the link to the pics yet. Great race, even though I stopped after 2 laps because I sliced my sidewall and it just wasn't the same without Berry... or Justin... or Peat.

Arggggh!!!!!!! Looks like an awesome day. I had to work.

i was thinkin of you guys on race day. i'm not moved in out here yet, and i've only managed one mtb ride. but it was a good one, just minutes from my rented condo. Mission Gorge Park. I'll get some pics. Miss you guys. Really do.

Peat, we figured that you were still on your way from StL to Jeff City, and just got a string of flats on the ride over. Burnin is callin' your name though!


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