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Aug 23, 2011


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All of us should be heading down there at least once a month. Pick the date! I'm there! The trail is in awesome shape. My saddle sores on the other hand....

Wow! that was an awesome ride. I don't get down there nearly enough. I really want to find a good way to loop Middlefork and South Trace. Now that would be epic.

I want Corey's helmet.

Looks like a good time, I cant remember the last time I got to ride Middle fork. Maybe we can put our heads together at Tall Oak and come up with a monthly ride date? Seems like that'd be the best oppurtunity to get everyone in the same place at the same time?

Matt, go to DG and but some Aquaphor.

The ride was sweet. It was cool to have as many people show that did. It also gives me a chance to ride with everybody which i'm going to be doing less of now that i'm at college. I'm up for it anytime. Awesome trail!

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