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Aug 15, 2011


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Yeah, I was really looking forward to having my balls tied into a knot while people watched in disgust. Maybe we can wrestle after Tall Oak(s)?

BTW, who is the favored winner of this year's race? We all know Turbo is gonna de-pants Fuhrmann, but I wonder if there's anyone out there who can give him the runs for his money?

Is Turbo going solo or is he teaming up with Bopper and Travis Brown to beat up on the 3-man "Fun" class again?
I'm planning on going solo. Who else is going solo or on a team?

I plan on going solo, but I'm starting to second guess myself on whether or not I want to torture myself for six hours. I may have a change of heart and attempt to find a partner.

I'm rolling 3 deep so I can bbq between laps. No sense in riding on an empty stomach. Pork steaks shall abound.

I'd like to ride on a team with someone, 6 hrs. is too much by myself. Anyone interested, let me know.

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