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Aug 08, 2011


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I'll be there, but isn't Berry moving to the wrong coast??? I thought most people his age moved to Florida.

hopefully berry can make it to one more tuesday night binder ride tomorrow night!

I'll be there. don't you worry about that.

And another note. One of the SEALs killed recently in Afghanistan was from MO. Joel Swader raced tri's with him and was a good friend of his. I was in a race with him a way back also. Joel is going to set up a fund at Jefferson Bank in his name. His name was Matt Mason. Father of two with one more on the way.


Mr Vollmer will be sorely missed, he has long been the TRW authority on all things related to yoga, dietary fitness and endurance athleticism. I still remember the day he ate two orders of onion rings and a chocolate shake after the Dirty Kanza. It was the scariest thing I've ever seen.

I also remember the day he threw my 2nd place medal from the MO state cyclocross champs race in the mud. The man knows how to keep us in our place. If we've learned nothing else from Mr Vollmer, I think we should all remember that medals and trophies don't mean diddly squat. All that matters is that you're faster than Dan Fuhrman and that other guy who used to post race-reports in gay-ass multi-colored fonts. I cant remember his name, but I think it rhymed with fuckface.

Barry, I'll be out of state this weekend so I'll miss your going away party. That being said, it's been an honor to learn from you and I hope you have as much of a positive influence on your new San Diego comrades as you have had on all of us.

All bullshit aside, it is positively inspirational to watch you set goals, train appropriately and achieve them.

I will now balance out all of that positivity by saying that you're an old bastard and it'll be nice to drink a post-ride beer without having to watch you prance around shirtless... showing off your pecks and 6-pack abs. And you probably dont know this, but I totally kicked your ass for the entire first half of lap 1 at the 2008 Hermann Under the Lights. In your face!!

Good luck and I hope to see you at the 2012 Dirty Kanza. I've got $100 for your plane ticket if you want to come out. Just let me know now so I can save $10 a month :)

Barry, I think we were posting at the same time or I would not have followed a post like yours with humor of any kind.

Definitely keep us updated on the fund for Mr. Mason, I think with all of the people we have on the team we should be able to organize some sort of fundraiser or something.

yep Bob, no one gives a shit how you start the race, it's only how you finish.

I try to emphasize on where I'll be in the lineup when the photos are taken :)

Sorry Barry, but they were out of Chain Saw. I got the next best thing for summer time libations.

I need to know who is showing up for supper so I get enough ribs. We should be eating around 6 or so.

just as well. last time i bought it, nobody liked it. that's why i ended up drinking it all myself and puking all over the front yard after Pat had to come pick me up.

Thanks everybody, and especially the Mitch for the goin away party. It's not easy saying goodbye, and it means a lot when people come together and show that they care. So I'm not going to say anything nasty or mean, but just say thanks.

Oh, OK, Stoney you're a douche bag.

I'm gonna miss you, Dingle Berry

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