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Jul 22, 2011


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Way to go Randy, you are fast! Keep riding Sport, hope to see you at Rock Bridge.

Way to go, Randazzle! Although I thought I told you to CTFU??? Quit picking on a bunch of 9-year olds.

Not guilty. Wasn't there that week. And I don't know what CTFU stands for. I'm the rookie remember.

Cat The "Freak" Up. Try the B race.

Is there a podium shot so we can replace the pic at the top of the blog?

I can't believe I just read that entire thread.

And seriously, why don't we have Mountain Dew smoothies in Jefferson City? Those darn city slickers have the best of everything.

Good work, Dazzle. Now that you've got a podium spot in the C's, it really is time for you to move it on up to the B category. I think you'll find that it's more fun and you'll learn new things by racing against people who are more experienced.

If I can get off from work on the 18th, I'll line up next to you and we can beat up little kids together.

after reading that thread on some adult messin with a kid in the C race, I would not touch that class. better get up there in B where maybe the riders are a bit more seasoned.

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