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Jul 16, 2011


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The legend of Stoney. We'll tell our grandchildren some day of the fella named Stoney and they'll never believe us. "Please grandpa, tell us again about that Stoney feller, and how he can still be heard as his tires grind out the gravel as he rides past farm houses in the middle of the nite."

Sung to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies. There once was a story about a man named Stone, a quiet kinda guy who'd never hurt a fly. And then came a race it was called the DK, and he would ride it like it was all downhill. While other's failed, he kept the tires spinning, until the end when he would break out in a impish grin. "Oh, it was nothin, just the kindof thing that computer geeks do all the time."

I'll miss you Stoney.

Stoney, Stoney, Stoney...

Aw, I'll miss you too Berry. We all missed you yesterday. What happened to you, Bob, and Bopper?

I checked my garmin and found out where I got off course. I was in survival mode with about 10 miles left and was reading a couple turns ahead on the cue sheet. At mile 86.7 I was supposed to take a slight left then shortly later a right turn then ride 2 more miles to the next turn. Right before a downhill I looked and I was a little over 86 miles. Even though there was a curve in the road and I didn't know what was at the bottom of the hill I decided to bomb it so I could coast up the other side. The road turned a little right, then back to the left and then I was looking at a T intersection with loose gravel while going 27mph. I said "Oh Shit", then grabbed the brakes and drifted thru the turn all while simultaneously pissing myself.

I was so relieved I wasn't lying in the ditch that I didn't realize I'd gone the wrong way. I eventually ran into a highway and knew I was off course. I knew I would be DQ'ed if I didn't re-enter the course where I left, but I was so out of it I didn't think I could find the right way so I started stopping at houses until I found someone nice enough to drive me back to the start.

Damn! I'm glad I didn't sign up for this one. Nice work, fellas! Sounds terrible and awesome at the same time.

"FYI, he's been stung!"

Awesome job, men! I really wanted to do this one, but it's just a bit too far from the STL.

Awsome work boys! I pussed out and road Berryman instead.

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