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Jul 30, 2011


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Ss race starts at 9:00am???

I guess he's trying to avoid the heat.

tomorrow night could be the hottest day of the year. i suggest we celebrate that event with a red hot scorcher ride at Binder tomorrow nite. I missed last week cause of the heat, aint' gona happen again.

Sorry...I'm going to wuss out on tomorrow night.

Dirty Kanza videos are starting to be posted. My wife would like to get a bunch of post race interviews with people who participated. Any thoughts on when we could talk with some of you???? Is next Tuesday's Binder ride cool with all of you? If you haven't seen some of the videos posted they're pretty honey badger.

next tues would be good

i plan on racing. it's probably my last race in MO, and I gotta whoop up on Stoney one last time so that he doesn't feel unloved.

Next Tuesday should be good for me too, as long as Berry doesn't beat me up too much at the Show-me games. So who else is racing Sunday?

if anyone needs some help beatin barry's ass i can assist with that

by the way, having geared bikes at a single speed race is stupid as all fucking god damn hell.

I'll be there Sunday and hopefully next Tuesday if I can get of the Overtime.

I'll be there Sunday

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