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Jul 19, 2011


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i was there, so was Turbo.

I was not. Made it to the
post ride Mexican feast though.


Nice video, Mitch. It's cool to see the kids out on the trail and the trail looks like it's in great shape. I need to get up there and ride with you guys sometimes.

For the rest of you guys knowledge, Mitch is a buddy of mine from High School and is addicted to Dirty Kanza just like us. He rode with Bopper and I last year until we slowed him down. Indian Creek Trail is in the Poosey Conservation area near my hometown and about 15 miles from Crowder State Park. It's really a hidden gem that few people know about. It's very well maintained, but needs more riders on it.

I'll be up again this week. (7/26) Who's in?

i'm there

plannin on it

ill be out by the red trail around 6 15 or so

i'm there, i think. i was out there sunday and i kinda wilted about 1/2 way through. as much as i hate to admit it, it's almost too hot to ride. but i won't admit this to anyone.

Hey Bob, did you make it out there tonight? I hung out at the bait shop till about 9:30 and then decided to roll on home. I actually got a pretty nice post-ride nap in the parking lot. Anyway, it was actually alright riding tonight. Matt, Stoney, Corey and I all met up out there at one point. Not too bad considering some of the past weeks. We need to get everybody out there again.

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