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Jun 13, 2011


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Anybody doing Lost Valley Luau this weekend???? Good chance I'm going to try to make that one.

I'll be at Lost Valley this weekend. I'm also signed up for BT Epic. Everyone should sign up for BT epic. It's a great race and close to home.

How about last weekends race, Cory took home a state Jersey in KC! Nice work.


I'm gonna do the BT epic, but it'll have to wait until payday. Never done that one before, kinda lookin forward to it.

BTW, WTF haven't we seen any pics/race report from the state race at Landahl? I heard thru the grapevine we had someone do pretty good out there.

Looks like me and Yielding are posting at the same time:)

I'll see if I can get off work for that farmhouse ride. Any event that's free and offers free bbq would be a shame to miss.

I agree with Peat. Everyone should sign up for the BT epic. Love the camping and the party atmosphere after the race.

By the way...Corey, let's hear that race report! Congrats!

I am in for the Berryman, and i sent the dude an email for the farmhouse classics. should be at both

Does he send back a confirmation email or anything or do i just assume i'm in? (for the farmhouse classic)

No, he just adds your name to the roster on the right-hand side of the page at http://www.farmhouseclassic.blogspot.com. He's already added you.

Thanks stoney... I'm looking forward to riding with you. I think Jenkins is gonna try to make it to this one too.

13 spots left, Berry and Roger Mackay are signed up. So Berry, have you and Pat just decided to say this?(NSFW)

Just signed up! Hope I got in.

will someone tell stoney he can't race Women's Open in the Farmhouse Classic? i'm in. Roger's registered. That is fantastic.

If I shave my legs and wear a wig do you think anyone will question it?

Depends on the bulge, I guess?

Stoney that is awesome...So Barry whatup dude you gonna show that clip to Pat or what?

Bob with your moobs bulge you may be able to pull it off.

I think I may be available for the BTE.

Anybody riding tonight?

i know corey and i are going to be out there bob. i think barry is gonna try to make it, and i bet more people are coming too.

i had to celebrate the summer solstace, gonna ride tom out of the gov mansion.

for some reason i don't think i am an "author" on here anymore. i would post a new feed, but i don't have stoney's brains to try to figure it out right now. Bopp and I are planning on doing a gravel ride tomorrow (tuesday) instead of riding binder. I think binder might be a little wet and i want to get in some gravel before the farmhouse classic. I get off around six and bopp will hopefully be home not too long after. let me know if anybody is interested or has a route in mind. thanks guys

hey turbo, i did a gravel ride on sat, from Turkey Crk headed N to Rutherford Cave, then back home via Clinkenbeard and so on. There was a bunch of gravel on every single road i rode. just keep that in mind. Me, i'm doing a road ride tonight. i had my fill of rough gravel on sat.

There was a bunch of gravel on the roads? I believe they call those "gravel roads". You can call and complain, but I don't think it will do you any good.

ok stoney, next time i see you i'm gonna knock the shit into you.

Berry, we missed you on the road ride tonight. Everyone was asking where you were. Hopefully, tomorrow night from the Guvnah's mansion at 5:30 works into your schedule better.

Nick, Luke, Rusty and I did a 30-ish mile gravel loop last night. Good times.

Barry, what's your route to the cave?

I saw your (i'm assuming it was Jenkins) generous contribution to the "send turbo to college to get an education" fund when i went to put my bike on top of my car last night. I was looking forward to the challenge of trying to catch up with you guys, but we had bopp's brother with us and i think we burnt him out a little early in the ride. I love that loop out there, it's good stuff. Until next time, i guess Bob is just too fast for me.

bob, you know what the route is. u just turn N at turkey crk from the Katy. you go all the way to the blacktop, then head towards Holt Summitt and turn N at your road, i go right by your neighborhood. Head N till blacktop ends and keep going gravel till you get all the way into pine ridge. u take a R where the gravel T's and you go till you get to the blacktop. go N on it till you get to the gravel that leads you back to Rutherford cave. You've got to already know this, i'm not even gonna bother giving you the road numbers. heading home you connect the roads that go S. Couldn't be easier. i do kinda trespass through some guys property to jump back onto the KT. I took Stoney & co. on that road and they got yelled at. Stoney was dikin around and fell, then lolly gagged through and got caught by the prop owner. His fault.

Oh, I see. I thought maybe you had some kind of secret route I didn't know about.

Turbo, don't spend that dollar bill all in one place. And you better know I was looking over my shoulder all night waiting for you guys to catch us. I just didn't want to hand Bopper that $50 bill, especially since I didn't have one.

I'm gonna do an overnighter this evening if anyone is interested. Probably not leaving til around 9 from Dos Primos. Route will be Vollmer style, unknown distance and unknown route. Should end up camped out somewhere in Mark Twain Nat'l Forest.

Come one, come all..just bring your own stuff.

So where is the cave in relation to the Rutherford bridge? I may have to check it out the next time I'm lolly-gagging thru there.

Is anyone going downtown to the street festival tonight?

The cave is about 1/4 mile downstream from the bridge. It's pretty badass, but expect to be covered in mud when you go in.

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