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Jun 10, 2011


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Great write up Matt, you and Stoney should be proud. Tons of training to get ready and then epic conditions. Well done!

It's been fun watching you all train and get ready for this event, not sure I would ever want to do this but I can see how the challenge is motivating.

Now get rested and start to think about cross, it's only 91 days away

SOLID writeup. I still don't know how you survived the heat with all of that hair, man.

I think it's easy to bring the intensity on raceday, but what makes someone a winner is the ability to bring that raceday intensity into their training regimen. You've been bringing it since February and that's what separated you from those of us in the ditch. Awesome work.

Congratulations again, Matt! You and Stoney were incredible and you both have inspired me to train for the full 200 next year. Great write up, too!

Ditto Matt. Done good.

Congratulations Matt. Your report was incredible. I got all emotional just reading it. You took us there with your words. I wondered what all the fuss was about with the Kanza. I thought it was just a 200 mile gravel ride in Kansas. Now I understand. Outstanding work.

You and Stoney rock!


Great write-up, Matt.
Randy, to truly understand the Dirty Kanza you have to be there - whether as a rider or support crew. Mark your calendar for June 2, 2012.

Pencil me in.


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