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Jun 06, 2011


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Awesome indeed!

my wife took around 300 pictures. i'll have to get them to stoney so he can post them. thanks to all the sag support! fun weekend!

Congrats to Matt and Stoney. You guys had one helluva good race! Big thanks to all of the sag support. And another big thanks to all of TRW for letting me tag along and be part of the whole experience. I'll be back next year.

the only thing that makes quiting for me in this race palatable is knowing that Matt and Stoney finished. I couldn't be happier for you two guys. i'm real disapointed in myself for folding, but it was sure a pleasure being with the TRW.

Thanks again to all of our support crew. I definitely couldn't have finished without you.

Luke posted some photos on his album.

Binder recovery ride tomorrow?

Binder for sho tomorow. i'll bring my tradin card if you'll promise to sign it Stoney.

I'll be there guys! Congrats! I'm with Barry. I'm so proud of the both of you but disapointed in myself. To quote Barry "The bike gods weren't with me that day" Big props go out to the support crew also. We couldn't do this without you!
Good Job Matt and Stony!


What's freakin' crazy is after I just finished washing off my bike at some farmer's barn, that guy came hiking off the b-road i had just trampled through. He turned and looked at me and said,"Dude that was epic."

There's not much of a report given yet on the DK, so maybe I can start things off and give my rendition of the race. First off, the race just gets better every year. More hoopla, more riders, more everything. Except for maybe the band playing at the finish line. That could stand improvement.

The first 60 miles couldn't have been sweeter. Gettin in to ck pt 1 first of TRW however just pissed Pete, Matt and Stoney off enough to make sure it didn't happen again. But I wasn't trying to beat anybody, just ride my ride, and that's what I did.

Ck pt 1 to 2 was a fast 40 miles. There was some screaming section in there where we were going on flat smooth gravel WITH the wind. I was flying. But not fast enough to catch Stoney or Matt. Pete caught me as well, but I don't remember where or when. I was pulling one guy who's riding single speed, he stayed up, couldn't believe it. I was still going strong, and I was way up into my gears and I was flat movin. But that SS stayed right with me. Got into ck pt 2, but now my stomach is starting to get cranky and I can't eat anything. Although Matt's dill pickles tasted good. Maybe I should have just eaten them. But everything else, blah. Didn't feel real confident when I left ck pt 2 knowing I had 60 miles to ck pt 3. But I figured I could muster the energy even without being able to eat or drink much of anything. So off I go, can't eat anything, but can drink some, but not much, and the hotter the drink gets, the less I can drink it. I was starting to feel a bit ragged, and then the STORM hits. First it felt good, light and cool. But then it gets real mean and ugly. Rain, hail, wind. And then the damn B road. That was the kicker. Pushed my bike for a long time, don't know how long. Stayed up along the fencline in the tall weeds to keep my tires out of the clinging mud. Eventually I see a truck with a cattle trailer loading up bikers. Must have been a dozen of us in the bed of the truck or in the trailer. Rancher couldn't have been a nicer guy. He takes opposite direction of Council Groves to a small town called Burdick. When we get there all kinds of riders were being delivered via trucks or whatever that have hitched a ride from somewhere along the route. But everyong is of the same frame of mind. Call it a day. Riders are saying that there were still lots of B roads left and they'd be just as bad as what we just plodded through. So it was real easy to go with the flow and call in the SAG. While I'm waiting for a ride I start second guessing my folding up and quiting. But I've already called in on someone elses phone, cause mine is now dead from gettin wet. While I'm waiting, I get a change of heart, so I get back on my bike and start to ride on the blacktop that I think SAG is coming on to get me. Pat reaches me and Jessica and Pete are in the car. My phone is dead, I still can't eat, but part of me wants to keep going. But I cop out and get in the car. Wish I hadn't, but it's done. Fuck. 140 so miles.

I think every one of us who dropped out regretted it almost immediately

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