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May 19, 2011


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Thanks to everyone for coming out. Sorry I could only ride the last 50, but I had a great time. 6 riders total - Matt and Turbo completed the full century, Berry probably got in around 80, Nick and Robby completed 60.

We averaged 14.8 the last 50, which is pretty good considering the low gearing I was running, steep hills, rough gravel, getting rained and hailed on, and having to slow down so Berry could catch up.

We should have pictures and maybe even some video posted later. Thanks again to Matt's wife Nicole for providing SAG and taking pictures.

Got hailed on? Glad I pulled the plug when I did.
That was a good ride. Thanks Stoney.

Yeah man, great route. I'm glad i came out

I have some pics posted on my facebook page. Awesome time. Glad we had our helmets on during the hail storm. Stoney, is there a way to post an album directly on the blog?

ditto, great ride, great route. sorry robbie I got you lost momentarily.

Thanks for letting me tag along. Sorry I couldn't make the whole thing, but I did get the grass mowed before the storm. The 61 I did was a blast.

Matt, if you have the Google Toolbar installed you can try going to your facebook albums, right-click on the image for the album and select Share, then select "Typepad". It will take you to the Typepad login screen, but I got an error page after that. I notified Typepad, but I doubt they'll get it fixed any time soon.

There is a small video i made that has some stuff from our ride if any of you guys wanna check it out. <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5mwGGf9iqc&feature=youtube_gdata> There are also some pictures uploaded to the team photo website.

I didn't really know what to put as the backround music for the video so it just kinda winded up that way. i figured it would be annoying to listen to the wind blow the hole time. it's not great, but it's something.

Eye of the tiger baby!

that was great Turbo. Thanks. you can never get tired of that song.

Turbo-if you can take the hard copy of the video and put them on an external drive, my wife would love to have that. She didn't get the greatest video clips...with the exception of you clipping her foot on the Katy.

Does she want each individual video that i included in that or does she want to whole thing with the music and everything?

turbo-i think the individual videos. we'll be at the dirty kanza meeting tonight. don't know if you'll be at the shop. i can even bring a hard drive. thanks.

i was just wondering, how many of you guys are planning on heading down Friday? I'm plannin on being there Friday night.

wrong feed. whoops

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