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May 16, 2011


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glad to have you on board Randy. We'll see you tomorrow at Binder. I'll be checkin out all the bikes I'll never afford to buy. Good report, I think you'll like TRW. Do you have thick skin? You'll need it, we're kinda tough on each other, but we never mean anything bad by it. But we do enjoy ourselves. Stoney is a little bit of a dick though.

Welcome to the team, Randy. We might have to work on a new nickname for you though, I'm not quite sure "Randazzle" is gonna work for me.

Hmmm, I guess Berry was right about me.

Good write-up, Randazzle. I didn't know you'd been racing so much. Dont' worry about the weight-loss, when you ride that much it kinda takes care of itself.

Just don't let Corey start to think you may be getting faster than him...he'll set you up with a beautiful woman, and then you'll fall in love and get fat as shit because you don't train anymore. He's tricky like that.

I think Randazzle might stick, it makes me laugh every time I say it.


I actually like it too. I was just being a dick, sorry.

Randy, welcome to the team. I was at the Greenfelder race racing marathon. Quite the mudfest. Had I know you were there, I would have introduced myself.

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