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May 09, 2011


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just got a room at the Limetree Inn. We've stayed there before. Got it for fri night only. but we could stay over sat, but i'd rather not. who wants to share, got two queen size beds.

ok, so I got the wrong town. big deal. usually someone else has to do this. so now i'm getting a place in mountain view. mena is for ouachita. still, cory or turbo, you wanna share a room? 690-4042

Good luck to everyone at Syllamo! Although Berry doesn't need luck - for those of you who don't know, he won the Syllamo 125 last year. We're expecting a repeat performance.

Berry, Turbo and I got a camp ground near the start of the race. We are heading down friday. We can all pile in my car for this if you like. Looks like its just us 3.

i'll be there. what time do i have to be in rolla?

Well it looks like its only a 4hr 15min drive from Rolla to Mountian View. Looks like we have plenty of time. What time are you all wanting to get down there?

Registration and packet pick up for both races on Friday, May 13th, from 3pm until 7pm, on the front patio of El Tres Amigos mexican restaurant, on the east side of the square in downtown Mountain View.

Registration will also be available on Saturday, May 14th, before the race, beginning at 6am.

125K Race Starts at 7am.

50 Mile Race Starts at 8am.

My race starts at 7, kinda wish I was just doing the 50. I'd be fine with registering the morning of the race. I say we get down there around 8 So I say we leave Rolla around 3:30. But I'm flexible.

Well I would say a little earlier. We would still have to set up camp. I was thinking around 5 or 6.

so how about leave rolla at 2?

anything works for me. i leaving for rolla tonight cause i have friends i can stay with. Where are we meeting at in Rolla? Barry needs a place to park his car i assume. Mine will be at the christian campus house, but i can meet you guys anywhere. Barry if you want to park there i can tell you how to get there. its a few blocks off of 63.

Yeah, I wouldn't bother calling each other up and sorting your plans out that way. That could take a whole 5 minutes. This way is much quicker.

stoney, you are such a party pooper

lets meet at noon in rolla. Get directions from Turbo.

barry, in case you lost my number it is 573-694-7377. corey or i can't seem to get ahold of you

Good luck, guys! Have fun and kick some ass! And Corey, you'd better write a damn race report. I'm still waiting to read one about the Smithville Adventure Race.

Anyway, have a great time!

So who's taking home the TRW crown this year?

I bet Barry takes home the TRW crown for the 125K. You wanna bet me, Bob?

$20 says Turbo schools everybody

I'll take that bet. I'll bet you he doesn't finish ahead of Barry!

So apparently, you guys came home with two 3rd-places and a brand new Kuat NV rack? - according to Corey's facebook (although he should update this site first!) Congrats guys! Who won what?

Corey was the big money winner taking home the Kuat bike rack. Turbo brought home $50 for third in his div, which was really Adam's div since it was his spot. He did it in 6'3min. He did the race in I think 5'28min. Me I also brought home the bacon ($50) in my div in the 125K, and I don't know what my time was. Results are up there yet. But if you bet between me and Turbo, or Corey for that matter, you better put your money with those guys. Turbo can outright fly.

The race was typical for Syllamo. Slab rocks were slick and greasy. We all had good luck as far as mechanical, I think I was the only one with a flat. I took some beating on the rocks in my epic crashes. I was so sore at the finish line Corey had to load my Syllamo rock to the truck. I couldn't lift it.

Best part of the race is knowing Noelle is there at each check point. Sure appreciate having you there Noelle. Thanks a ton.

Team Segal had a big showing. Don't know how they positioned, but I think TRW cleaned up on them.

Ok that was pretty much a f'd up report. Corey did it in 6:02 and Turbo did it in 5:28 and I think Noelle said I did it in 9:30. So if those are all right, I couldn't have beaten cory or turbo for the 50miler. Of course I could have all those times wrong, and in that case this report still could be f'd up.

Corey loaded up that boulder of a trophy for you? That's a heck of a teammate right there. Nice work whooping up on Team Segal or Stegall, however they spell it.

I know Noelle was busy providing full-service SAG, but were any pictures taken?

I got a couple. Noelle took the majority with her camera. Barry forgot to mention that he got interviewed after the race also.

That was a rhetorical question, Turbo. If you've got pics, go ahead and post them.

It doesn't surprise me that he didn't mention the interview, Berry's just a very humble and modest guy.

Yeah, the pictures I saw of Barry on Facebook looked REALLY humble. Definitely some material for the website's header.

Great job, guys. I hope there was some spaghetti left when you finished.

*side note: If anyone is interested, I'm gonna do some trail work out on binder tomorrow, then maybe hit the Edgewood trail. Any help would be awesome.

Awesome riding guys! Barry, great job just finishing the 125K.

nice freakin' work guys!

It was alot of fun! The hardest thing about the whole race was the fact that I had to sleep down wind of Barrys smelly ass tent! OMG! My feet had nothing on the smell of that tent and it looked like it was straight out of the movie Deliverance and reeked of vomit! Really though, I was hoping to get sub 6hr and missed it by 2 min. 6:01! But I did take home a Kuat NV bike rack. Turbo CRUSHED the course. I was 5 riders behind him going into the single track at the top of the hill and then there was a wad of riders fumbling around and the last I saw of Turbo was him shouldering his bike and running up the mountian. I tried to get updates from Noelle at the checkpoints and every lap Turbo doubled his time on me and she said Barry was looking fresh and once tried going the wrong way! Typical! Awesome job guys! Wish you all were there!

Holy crap!

I think the most entertaining part of the weekend was when a racoon got close enough to Barry's foot to eat it. i tried to point it out to him but he was looking in the woods. i finally told him it was on his foot and he saw it. that was one friendly racoon.

wtf, turo's going look at the coon! i'm like where i don't see it. i'm looking out into the woods towards the river and i can't see nothin. then he goes: it's right at your foot, and the damn thing is sniffing my foot ready to eat my toe.

we had a good time corupting turbo. pickin him up at the christian house kinda gave me moment to pause and reconsider my sinful ways, but it didn't take too long before i was back on track teaching him the things that are important in life. like booze drugs and chicks.

i did learn a couple things about corey i didn't know. he's pretty smart for an engineer and has a car that runs on Nitro, and he listens to audio books. he wouldn't drink any of my pretty cold Stag, that kinda pissed me off.

Noelle, she can dish it out to Corey. I like a girl with spunk. she's got it.

I only drink ICE COLD Stag.

Results are here
Found some pics on the internet and put them on the team album. I still want to see these alleged Facebook pictures of Mr. Vollmer.

Turbo added some more pics to the team album

Sorry guys, I will put up some more that Noelle took but I've apparently got stung by some kind of endangered woolly saber tooth Arkansas Mosquito and got sick as hell. I’ve been in bed the last couple of days. I’ll up load some tonight.

Damn, that picture is Randazzulous!!!

Nice pic Berry. You should of lifted up the jersey to show off the abs as well.

that's the stupid euro cut. why do we get those things? from now on it's the standard cut for me.

Barry as quoted by Cylcling News (see cylcingnews.com):

Barry Vollmer, 57, from the capitol city of Jefferson City, Missouri, finished third in 9:26:23. It was his third race at Syllamo's, "It was fun. It's a great course and it was a pretty day. It was cool and the rocks were slippery. I only had one flat tire, so I had a good day, mechanically." When asked whether he saw any of the other two race leaders, Vollmer said, "It's hard to keep track of people, I mean, I don't keep track of anybody, I can barely keep track of myself out there."

That's awesome.

This is probably a stupid question, but is that article going to come out in print somewhere?

What are they teaching you down at Rolla? It sure aint how to spell "cycling".

Here's the link to the article

barry-at least the picture didn't expose your navel ring.

i don't know who posted that. it sure wasn't me.

any of you guys have any clue where i could find a picture of the winners for the different classes for the 50 miler, namely me. i'd kinda like that picture

what nobody took a pic of ole Turbo at the podium? Bummer. I bet Noelle got one. I would have but I was stuffing my face with spaghetti at that time. Sorry Turbo, I should have been there for ya man.

Matt, I don't have a navel ring. That would be really gay.

hey turbo, there are some pics up on the link above this one, but not your div. in fact there is just three divisions showing. don't know why there ain't more. the pic of me looks like maybe i'm praying. don't know what that was about. they made us get up on some stupid log and for some f'n reason I couldn't balance on it. kept fallin off. MF'r, hate when that happens.

TTM took some pictures. I will look into that for you Adam, I mean Turbo. We have a great one of Barry trying to get up on the log. Will be accepting bids for that one. All kidding aside TRW did really well at Syllamo. Congrats!

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