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May 19, 2011


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I definitely want one of those. Your famous now Stoney!

That is pretty legit.

I'm gonna need an autograph on that. Way to go, Stonedazzle.

Stoney Dick! That's the coolest thing I've ever seen. Where do I buy one?


By the way, anyone named Stoney legitimately must have had parents that loved Jack Lord in the familiar sitcom of a rodeo cowboy named Stoney Burk. I think if you put Stoney with Barry's loving nickname for Stoney side by side you have the ultimate in names. Too bad Stoney Dick is already in the adult film hall of fame. Just sayin.

What if we combined his nickname and yours......."Dickdazzle"

Stoney, I promise never to call you a dick again. You are famous. I am humbled by the mere presence of your company. I am not worthy. But now you got a big fat target on your back, everyone is gonna be gunnin for you. No pressure, but you gotta perform now.

I'm speechless, and that's says a lot. Makes my Syllamo interview seem kinda puny.

That just happened:

Although Dickdazzle has a nice ring to it, I'd have to say it's much too similar to the infamous stock car racer Dick Trickle whose parents obviously didn't think the whole thing through. Very similar situation happened in Columbia years ago when Mr. and Mrs. Head named their child Richard. Richard went onto become a famous car dealer in spite of his crippling birth name.

Or how about the drive in root beer stand in Kansas City named Dick's? Signs all around the place that say "parking for Dick's only!" Who's gonna park in those spots?

I need to find a job. I have way to much time on my hands.

Stonewall P Jack

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