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May 01, 2011


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Just read about this in Bicycling Magazine. Looks like fun...unfortunately I'm going to the Robidoux Round-Up next weekend in St. Joe.

OK, what's goin on around here? Where the hell is everyone? I'm gonna rename this club from Team Red Wheel to Team Whisper. Stoney, you're in charge here, tell these guys to post or you'll slap them around.

I may be the head nerd in charge of the blog, but I'll leave the slapping people around to you. I think everyone is just waiting for your write-up on the Vino Fondo timed ride(it's not a race).

Speaking of the blog, in the next several days I'll be moving it from under Andy Neidert's account to Nick's account. You'll get an invitation from Typepad.com in your e-mail to join the new blog and write posts when it's ready(team members are the only ones who can post new topics, everyone else will still be able to comment without joining Typepad.)

Only real change is if you have http://gumbobottoms.typepad.com/team_red_wheel bookmarked in your favorites folder you'll need to change it to http://redwheelbikeshop.typepad.com/team_red_wheel. Or just bookmark http://www.teamredwheel.com and you won't have to change anything.

I don't want to do an expensive road ride. I want to go camping. And post stuff on team red wheel. And drink whiskey with the Mitch.

Stoney, you always seem to take the wind out of my sails. OK, it's not an official race, jeeze louize. and it is an expensive ride, but it sounded both tough and fun, so I'm breaking down and spending the jack. i can drink whisky with the Mitch any time. Hell, he got me hooked on the stuff. I'll be sure to post something on the new TRW site. BTW, Syllamo's comin up.

Race at Greensfelder tomorrow, mountain bikes...ooooohhhhhh aaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!

I think peat's doing that race, I'm working. Who has races on saturday?

Race report on vino fondo. Contrary to what Nick may say, Saturday is a valid day to ride or race. Anyway, Sunday is mother's day. Can't be gone all day or Pat would be one unhappy mom.

Race Report: 138 miles, 11,000 feet of climbing, beautiful country and scenery. This is a well run event, of course it cost enough, it should be. The hills around Hermann were tough, but the real deal came at mile 136, the Schleusberg Hill. That WAS a killer. I got back into Augusta at 6:00, I was hoping for 4:30-5ish, but the course definately took it out of me. Got one flat tire that lost me my group I was ridin with. I attrigute that to a new tire not seasoned. I've discussed my philosophy on seasoning tires before a race elsewhere.

The entire day I just kept thinkin of the DK and how much tougher that day is gonna be. I didn't see Pete. Some guys, not you Pete, stayed away because of the thunderstorms that morn. But by race time the weather was great.

Berry, I believe Peat raced Marathon class at Greensfelder. Mat(t) raced at Krug Park in St. Joe.

Justin and Randy also raced Greensfelder. Results are here. I'll let you guys decide who does the race report.

Yeah, I raced at Greensfelder. I didn't have all day to ride so I needed something shorter than the Vino Fondo, though that looked like fun. I did Marathon a Greensfelder. First two laps of the race were a complete mudfest. I found out how little mud clearance I have on my bike. Nothing like stopping during a race to clean the mud from your your bike just to get the rear wheel to move. Third lap was ok. Got about 1/2 mile into the fourth lap when I got a flat. So I pulled out my spare tube. It had a hole in it. So I pulled out my backup spare tube. It also had a hole in it. Yeah, I'm not the smartest guy on the planet. So I walked back and took my DNF like a man. Just over three hours of racing and I get a DNF. Meh.

Maybe Rhetts run next weekend. Maybe not. We'll see.

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